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  • Mechanic and owner of Autokanic

    Welcome to Autokanic - Mobile Auto Mechanic.
    Let us tell you about ourselves!

    Ever since childhood, Petr Borisyuk has had a passion for cars. In 1995 Petr started working at his dad's shop, learning the in's and out's of how everything works under the hood, gaining expertise through an apprenticeship program. To make sure Petr had broad knowledge in all automotive aspects, he went on to pursue a degree in electronics, with a minor in automotive repair. Since then, Petr spent over 7 years working with AAA Auto Club South, providing roadside assistance and fleet maintenance/repair. In 2011 Petr opened Autokanic, a mobile auto mechanic business, in Middle Tennessee and relocated to North Carolina in 2022. Petr enjoys living in Midland with his wife and 7 children.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Listen

    Your needs are our needs. We strive to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction while hearing your concerns and needs. When you call us regarding mechanical issues - we patiently listen and try to help our clients in anyway we can.

  • Step 2 Research

    After you bring your vehicle to our shop, we troubleshoot, make some diognostic tests in reference to your mechanical issues. If a replacement part is needed, we research to find the finest auto parts at an affordable price.

  • Step 3 Execute

    When we have received all auto parts and have them on hand, we execute the most important task of the process. With proper knowledge and tools we replace all necessary auto parts to current industry standards.

  • Step 4 Smile

    We love to see our customers with a smile on their face! They know who to contact and recommend for all auto repairs. And last but not least - invoices are generated.

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